Curvilux Smart Nightsand

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Curvilux is a modern, minimalist and connected nightstand that will take your home and lifestyle to a whole new level. Keep your devices organized and fully charged, secure your personal items, wake up every morning with a sunrise perfectly synchronized to your sleeping cycles and more!

Under the hood, the Curvilux smart nightstand is everything you didn’t know you needed in a bedside table. As mentioned above, the stand features dual LED lights which not only stand to replace a user’s bedside light but also light up the ground should that same user set the stand to wake them up at night.

With Bluetooth connectivity and a stereo audio system, it’s incredibly easy to integrate one’s desired playlist of music into a morning alarm or answer a phone call — and also easy to just rock out in bed. Additionally, the team included wireless (and USB) charging capabilities, along with a drawer that features an electronic lock.

A companion smartphone application also allows users to open and close the stand’s drawer, turn the included lights on or off, and set alarms which have the ability to simulate a sunrise each morning. And best of all, the whole thing can be set up in just 30 seconds.


  • Stereo Audio System
  • Motion activated lamp
  • Electric Lock
  • App Integration
  • Wireless charging for QI compatible devices
  • 2 USB Outlets
  • RGB Led
  • Bluetooth and NFC Connectivity

What's Included in the box?

  1. One complete nightstand with power source
  2. A pair of legs for the regular assembly mode
  3. A wall bracket + a set of dowels and screws for the wall mount assembly mode.

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