About Us

The original five

Comprising a team of entrepreneurs from Colombia and Argentina, Curvilux’s founders come from a wide range of different professional backgrounds. Among them is computer engineer Pablo Morales, a former Patagonia employee who also boasts a resume which includes some time spent developing radar systems and satellites for the Argentine Ministry of Defense. The crew’s final two members are Juan Manuel Morelli, a former product designer for an Australian furniture company and Rodrigo Morelli, founder of the Argentina-based custom shirt store, PuntoDome.

The Curvilux Team

Smart Furniture for the Home of the Future

At Curvilux, we strive to build smart and modern furniture, that is multifunctional, easy to assemble and affordable, with built-in user-friendly technology to help manage all task in a simpler way and improve comfort at home. 

Curvilux is a modern, minimalist and connected nightstand that will take your home and lifestyle to a whole new level. Keep your devices organized and fully charged, secure your personal items, wake up every morning with a sunrise perfectly synchronized to your sleeping cycles and more!